The difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy

Physical therapy and occupational therapy forms an important pillar of complementary medicine that increases functional, muscle and structural stability in individuals; However, it should be noted that occupational therapy and physical therapy are completely different and various rehabilitation tools.

Physical therapy is related to increasing muscle and structural support from the network and tendon after acute or chronic insults. The purpose of physical therapy is to restore activities without affecting the normal healing process.

Occupational therapy is related to helping individuals in adapting to their injury to maximize functional productivity and independence. An occupational therapist helps optimize mobility with the help of equipment and devices after injury that can cause permanent defects. Occupational therapists also play a preventive role by guiding normal individuals to work with their bodies and do not conflict with their bodies which are the main causes of damage and torn tissue injury that is exacerbated.

The physical therapist utilizes their extensive knowledge of human musculoskeletal systems, anatomy and physicological functions of muscles, joints and ligaments to restore mobility and various joint activities. At the same time, physical therapy and maneuverability also reduces the risk of joint destruction and muscle injury.

Occupational therapists help improve coping skills in individuals after injury. Occupational therapists work with family, relatives, friends and colleagues to make the transition less painful and more beneficial for recovering patients.

Physical therapists work immediately after injury in the initial recovery course after primary injury while occupational therapist services are generally needed in rehabilitation courses when the patient has fully recovered from the initial injury.

Physical therapy provisions can improve individual situations and mobility. Physical therapists do intervention therapy such as massage, acupuncture, training and manual therapy to improve body function.

Occupational therapy is done when the patient has fully recovered and the only goal is to improve the quality of life by not allowing disability affecting individual life. Occupational therapists modify the environment and lifestyle especially; Instead of preparing treatment modalities.

Physical therapists mainly work with sports teams and athletes (because athletes are most vulnerable to musculoskeletal injuries and need the help of the most physical therapists). In addition, physical therapists also work with surgical units, burning centers, nursing homes and trauma centers to attend patients suffering from moderate to severe injuries involving joints (spinal joints).

Occupational therapists are usually employed in rehabilitation centers to manage patients who have suffered damage and permanent disability. Occupational therapists train patients to use special devices and equipment such as hearing aids, walking aids, visual aids and other equipment that reduce dependence on caregivers; Thus reducing economic and psychological dependence. Nearly 48% of all occupational therapists work in the office of speech experts and physical therapists (labor statistics bureaus).

Physical therapists are mainly involved in managing musculoskeletal stability while occupupational therapists generally include all aspects of one’s life including social (by increasing physical independence), psychological (with counseling), economy (by reducing caregiver dependence) and professionals (with modification of work environment or skill sets ).

Physical therapists need a scholar or master in physical therapy followed by training in the setting of physical therapy.